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lundi 6 juin 2011

Neo-disco, thy name is GRUM

As wel all know, the '80s have gone and come back a few times, both in fashion and music. The last remnants of Generation X, a group in which I supposed I'm included, cling to that decade like a t-shirt to one's back on a humid summer day. It was a simpler time. A time of Vuarnet gear, Adidas Stan Smiths worn unironically, synth-pop, wearing sunglasses at night and getting physical.

These days, groups like Minitel Rose, Tesla Boy, College and others are bringing '80s music back through some pretty freakin' good tracks. But what of the '70s? What of disco, its contribution to the music world? Some love to hate it, but we can all agree that it was that generation's way of putting fun into a party (until the following decade, which achieved the same effect through electronics and blow). Who's trying to bring THAT back?

Enter GRUM, a genius-level electronic artist from the U.K. This guy only has one album out, namely "Heartbeats", and it is the embodiement of pure, unadulterated, dance-party fun.

"But wait a sec, I can hear you asking. I happen to own that album, and it's way more '80s than '70s, chief."

First off, don't call me 'chief'', pal. Second, I'm aware that tracks like "Heartbeats" and "Through the Night" are definitely '80s-like, but there's something about the following track that just screams 'elephant pants':

Doesn't it just make you wanna party? That is certainly the case for me. Hell, I lose my shit when the keyboard finale hits at 2:47! It picks me up when I'm feeling low, and I hope it brings a ray of funshine (that wasn't a typo) into your life.


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